Bishop Trail

Fraser's Hill

Bishop Trail is one of the most popular hiking routes in Fraser's Hill, with moderate accessibility, excellent rainforest scenery and higher chances of spotting wildlife. The trail can be reached along Ledegham road shortly before it splits into two directions; left towards Muar Cottage and right towards Glen Bungalow and the Paddock. From the entrance, visitors will descend down a moderately steep gradient, entering a picturesque landscape of lush ferns, overhanging foliage and imposing trees. The hike is about 1.5 km long, crossing buttresses, narrow paths and rocky stretches up and down small slopes. Leeches are present, but not terribly abundant.
The trail is named after Reverend CJ Ferguson-Davie from Singapore, who rediscovered Fraser's Hill in 1917 while looking for his friend - the original founder Louis James Fraser who had gone missing circa 1915. Ferguson and a fellow bishop failed to find any trace of Fraser, but they did recommend the area for development as a hill resort, which the British government took heed. Ferguson himself was given a piece of land where he built a quaint cottage and called 'The Retreat'. Later, he opened a trail from his cottage that led to neighbouring bungalows Muar and Cicely; this later became Bishop trail in present day.

After some distance, visitors will notice a watchtower that sits quarter way along the trek; this is an ideal spot for bird watching or viewing the verdant landscape. The lower altitude of the rainforest results in a denser canopy, which also means that the environment is dark throughout the hike, and the ground damp and soft. While hiking along the path, look out for squirrels, monkeys and other animals among the fig trees, ferns and vines that grow copiously in the dense jungle. At the end of the trail, visitors can detour to right (which exits the trail to Muar Cottage) or proceed to Maxwell trail for more trekking.
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