Maxwell Trail

Fraser's Hill

Maxwelll Trail is a jungle trail accessed from an entrance along Quarry road (exit road to Kuala Lumpurl), located next to the school and Corona Nursery. This trail is the least popular among all the treks due to its muddy and loose terrain, covered with numerous dead leaves. At its end, it joins up with the path of Bishop Trail, which leads back to town at Jalan Lady Maxwell.

The pathway along Maxwell Trail is well known to be infested with leeches, so carrying salt is highly recommended. Sights and views along Maxwell Trail are similar to Bishop, but there is less light due to the dense forest cover. The trek is about 2km long with mostly level path but some challenging stretches.

The trail was named after Sir George Maxwell, the Chief Secretary of Malaya (as Malaysia was known then) during the British colonial period. George Maxwell was highly influential in the development of Fraser's Hill as a hill station and highland retreat. During his tenure as Ulu Pahang British Superintendent, he and Lady Guillemard undertook efforts to develop the highland resort as a hill station.

The trail was first opened in 1919 by labourers who stayed at the spot where Fraser's Pine Resort now sits, to access the sole radio at Whittington Bunglalow. The radio was important for them to hear latest news on the war during that time. Later, the trail was abandoned in 1980 before being reopened in 1993 to present day.