How to Go

Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill, despite being a popular holiday spot, does not have many public transport routes from major destinations such as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. For most visitors to Fraser's Hill, a personal vehicle is their main option, though taxis from major cities will take you there at a high price. There are also no direct buses, the closest being Kuala Kubu Bharu town (32km away from the Gap).

However, it's possible to catch a cab from here; usually a small fleet of taxis will be stationed near the bus stand throughout the day. Finally, it's not uncommon to observe energetic bicyclists sprinting up from Kuala Kubu Bharu along the twisty highland road.


Fraser's Hill lies about 100km away north from Kuala Lumpur, or 400km from Singapore. Visitors can travel through Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) or Bentong towns to reach this highland resort destination. Using the Bentong route, you take the Karak Highway, passing by Genting Highlands and turning off at Bentong. A junction to Bukit Frasers pops up along the main road a few km after town.

Alternatively, a trunk road leads from Gombak to Bentong through Janda Baik if you wish to avoid paying toll. On the other hand, using the North-South Highway from Kuala Lumpur will require a detour at the Kuala Kubu Bharu exit. Follow the signboards to Bukit Fraser from KKB to get on the right track.

Again, to avoid paying toll, you can use the trunk road from Batu Caves, going through Rawang and turn right at the Kuala Kubu Bharu junction. By railway, the KTM Train from KL Sentral stops at KKB station; you then need a taxi to bring you up. Do make arrangements with the driver to bring you back, as Fraser's Hill does not have any cabs.

From northern destinations, such as Penang, you only need to drive down the North-South Highway (or trunk road) past Ipoh towards Rawang. Eventually, there will be a turn-off to Kuala Kubu Bharu before the Rawang exit; turn here and follow the directions towards Fraser's Hill from town.

Getting Around

Eventually, all modes of transportation to Fraser's Hill will reach the Gap - This is the base station before a winding 8km narrow road up to the highlands, cutting through beautiful rainforest scenery and mountain ridges. The Gap road remains the only route of access up to Fraser's Hill; a separate road for downhill traffic starts from Jalan Quarry after Pine Resort.

This backyard exit takes you back on the trunk route to Kuala Lumpur through Bentong/KKB. Since Fraser's Hill is a small place, you can get around by walking from one end to the other; it actually feels pretty refreshing to use your legs with the cool weather.

If you have your car with you, then moving around will be a breeze. You probably won't use much fuel travelling around the highland retreat, but do be aware that there are no petrol stations around. The local sundry shops near the police station does sell some petrol stocked in plastic bottles for emergencies, but they cost substantially higher.

There is no public transport in Fraser's Hill, so if you need to arrange your own transport in and out if you don't have a vehicle. Free guide maps are available from Tourist Information Center at Puncak Inn Hotel, which faces the town square a short distance after exiting the Gap.