Kuala Kubu Bharu


Kuala Kubu Bharu is a charming little town at the foothills of Bukit Fraser in Hulu Selangor. Also known as 'KKB' by locals, the town began life as a mining colony in the 18th Century. Later, it housed a fortress built by warring Sultans during a period of civil war before falling into colonial hands. KKB was originally situated between two tributaries of the Selangor River, but a massive flood in 1883 wiped out the entire town infrastructure, claiming 33 lives including District Magistrate and Revenue Collector Sir Cecil Ranking. The town was then moved to its present location on hilly terrain, surrounded by lush valleys, to prevent further tragic recurrences.
Today, getting there is easy for visitors travelling to Fraser's Hill from the North-South Highway route or Rawang, located along the access route about 30km away from the Gap. Framed by a backdrop of rainforest and hills, heritage shophouses from colonial days mingle alongside clusters of traditional houses - Life here is unhurried, pleasant and peaceful, unfettered by the constraints of modern living and conveniences. Walking around town and admiring its architectural landscape, little has changed from the colonial era in pace of life. Some of the tourist attractions in town include an art gallery, golf course, Chinese temples and historical sites, while Sungai Selangor Dam and Sungai Chilling Waterfall lie in the outskirts.
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